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Fun Furniture Collection’s Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We love talking to people, and know that each customer has different questions.

What makes us different from other bed manufacturers?

Mark & Llinos from Fun Furniture Collection know how important it that parents are happy with their children’s new bespoke theme bed.  We are a small family company who prides themselves on putting the customer first. Customers are the heart of our business. There are no added hidden costs for our furniture, what we see is what you pay. We give you the customer a range of options to fit your budget.  This includes a large choice of colours chosen from a RAL Colour chart provided, delivery and personalised number plates.  Mark, an industrial designer with over 25 years of experience, designs all of our furniture. We do not sell third party designs. Each piece of furniture is conceived at Fun Furniture Collection exclusively handmade in the UK.

What is the difference between MDF and PLY?
Fun Furniture Collection works with the material Birch Faced Furniture Grade Plywood and also MDF. Although many companies choose MDF as their main choice of material to produce their furniture. The major difference between these two materials is that of strength and durability. Each of these materials has their good points and bad points.

MDF being compressed fibreboard allows a smoother paint finish, but does not takes the day to day knocks as well as birch faced plywood. Also MDF can loose structural stability a lot quicker than birch faced plywood due to the screw holes becoming loose.

Inversely the Birch faced Plywood is a much stronger durable material being a laminate, but does not give a smooth paint finish as it has a wood grain to its exterior. The major benefits of birch faced plywood is that it will outlast any MDF furniture and can be passed down from generation to generation or resold at a far higher price than MDF.

Are our materials from a sustainable source?
All our panel materials are FSC Certificated.

What are the options for painting?
Fun Furniture Collection will give you large choice of colours chosen from a RAL Colour chart provided. Alternatively if you provide a RAL colour reference we can try and match this paint, or send us a photograph of your vehicle and we will try and match it to the best of our ability. We use a child friendly interior paint or clear varnish, we do not laquer over the paint allowing repainting or touching up at any time with handy touch up paint provided with your order.

How will l know what the furniture will look like with my chosen colours?

Once you have provided your chosen colours Mark and Llinos at Fun Furniture Collection will email you 3D images of what the bed will look like before we start painting, allowing changes to be made.

Can I have my own personalised number plate?
Fun Furniture Collection can personalise number plates to a maximum of 7 characters at no extra charge.

What size and depth of the mattress does the bed fit?
Every bespoke theme bed made at Fun Furniture Collection fits a standard single UK mattress 190cm Length x 90cm Width x 15cm Depth. Top bunks do not fit 17cm depth mattresses.
We understand parents read stories at bedtime and we feel it’s important for the child and parent to be comfortable in a standard single mattress where there are no restrictions.

How hard is it to build?
A comprehensive pictorial stage by stage instruction manual is emailed to you. If at any point you have any questions, we are at the end of a phone to help.

What are the delivery options?
We give you a choice for delivery for picking up your order.

a) We can get you a quote from a range of trusted couriers to suit your budget who have proven themselves over many years delivering our furniture.

b) You are also very welcome to use any other delivery service.  Please be aware that our furniture comes in multiple packages, and varies in weight and size.

c) You can pick your furniture up from the workshop in Stoke on Trent.

Do you export?
Yes, we do export. Contact us with your full address for delivery and full product details. There are lots of options available for shipping depending on your budget.

Can you come and install my furniture?
Fun Furniture Collection offers a white glove service. Please contact us to check availability and cost.

What age do the beds start from?
Fun Furniture Collection feel it is the choice of the parent for when they decide their child is ready for their first big bed. We have had children from the age of 2 and a half getting their first beds from Fun Furniture Collection. As it is a standard single mattress your child will not grow out of it until they are over 6’ 2”.  In respect of the Bunk beds European guidelines say a child under 5 years old should not be on a top bunk.